General Rental Conditions

The rental of the car described is made according the following conditions accepted by the renter mentioned.
- Article 1st - USE OF THE CAR- Under penalty of cancellation of the insurance policy, renter agrees not to allow the car to be driven by other persons than himself or those approved by Hertz and whom he is responsible for, to use the vehicle only for his personal requirements, to take part in no competition, not to use the vehicle for unlawful purposes or for the transportation of goods, not to push or to tow any vehicle or trailer, not to take paying passengers, not to apply directly for customs documents , not to overload the rented vehicle by taking on board a number of persons above the one shown on the car licence, not to use the car elsewhere than on the Tahiti Island or Moorea Island-paying an extra premium- or on non sealed roads.
- Article 2 - CONDITION OF THE CAR - The car is delivered in perfect working order and in absolute clean condition. The odometers and their connections are sealed and the lead stamps cannot be carried off nor be broken, otherwise, the rental ought to be paid on the standard rate of 500 kms per day. The vehicle shall be returned in the same condition of neatness: otherwise, renter shall have to pay the cleaning and overhauling cost. The five tyres are in fair condition without cuts. In case of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear and tear, the tenant undertakes to replace it immediately with a new tire of the same brand, the same profile / structure, the same speed / Weight and of the same size. The wear gap between the new tire and that remaining on the same axle shall not exceed 5 mm. If the conditions are not met, the tenant will be required to replace the entire axle.
- Article 3 - GASOLINE AND OIL- Gasoline shall be chargeable to customer. Renter has continuously to check the oil and water levels and to overhaul the levels of the gearbox and rear axle. In case of underlevels he will have then to fill them at the Hertz station.
- Article 4 - MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS - Normal mechanic wear and tear is part of Hertz's duty. Any and all repairs arising either from abnormal wear and tear or from lack of care on the part of the renter shall be chargeable to him and carried out by Hertz. In the event of the immobilisation of the vehicle, the repairs shall be carried out only after the approval and according to instruction of Hertz. The repairs must be itemised in a bill : the replaced defective parts ought to be produced together with the receipted invoice. Under no circumstances, shall the renter be able to claim indemnity, either for delay in delivering the car, cancellation of the hiring or immobilisation in the event of repairs carried out during the renting term. Hertz shall never be herd liable even in case of accidents of persons or property damages arising out of defects or defaults in construction or former repairs.
- Article 5 - INSURANCE - According to the " 7th of January 1959 Decree" only the drivers authorised by Hertz are entitled to be the insured. They are insured against the following risks:
    1°) For unlimited amount against accidents they may cause to third parties, including those they carry free of charge, but exclusively of renter and driver and of , when they are in the Hertz car, the wife or the husband, the ascendants and offspring of the renter or of the authorised driver.
    2°) Against theft and burning of the rented vehicle, unless it is due to serious lack of care on the part of renter,
    3°) The renter's attention is drawn to the fact that damages to the rented vehicle are not covered by any insurance. What ever may be the circumstances in which these damages would occur, the renter is the only responsible person toward Hertz. The renter will have to bear the cost of both repairs and immobilisation of the vehicle, with the right to turn against any third liable party that could be held responsible for the damages. Nevertheless, the renter may apply for CDW insurance in order to avoid paying the damages cost as stated on the Rental agreement. However, an excess remains on renter's responsibility that can be waived if applying for SCDW insurance when possible.
    4°) Under penalty of cancellation of the insurance policy, renter agrees: a) to report within 24 hours to Hertz, and at once to the police authorities any accident, theft or fire occurred even partly. B) To mention in his report the circumstances, date, location of the accident, name and addresses of the witnesses, car's licence of the opposing party as well as the name of his insurance company and number of his policy, c) to refrein from arguing about the responsibility of any part, from dealing or compounding with third persons regarding the accident.
    5°) Clothes and any of all items carried in the cars are not covered by insurance.
    6°) The car is insured only for the length of the rental. At the end of the term, the prolongation has to be accepted by Hertz, otherwise, Hertz decline any responsibility nor any liability for any accident the renter might have provoked and which he shall personally have to deal with.
    7°) Lastly, there is no insurance at all for any driver who does not possess a valid driving licence. Moreover, insurance for damages to the rented vehicle is cancelled if driver is under the influence of alcohol.
    8°) Hertz declines any liability for accident or injuries to third persons the renter might cause during the length of the rental agreement if renter intentionally provided Hertz with false information with respect to his identity, his address or the validity of his driving licence, and for any accident happening elsewhere than on the island of Tahiti or Moorea. There is no valid insurance in these cases.
    9°) The minimum age required to rent a Hertz vehicle is 19 years. The minimum age varies according to the vehicle. A young driver surcharge will be charged for drivers aged 19 to 25 years. This surcharge must be paid in the agency at the departure of the vehicle. See details in agency.
- Article 6 - HIRING - DEPOSIT - PROLONGATION -The rental fees as well as the deposit amount are fixed by the rates in force and are payable in advance. In no case the deposit can be used for a prolongation of the hiring. In order to avoid any dispute, and in case the renter want to keep the Hertz agreement, he shall have to forward the amount of the rental in progress otherwise, he may be liable to judicial prosecution for the reason of mis-appropriation of a car or embezzlement.
- Article 7 - REPATRIATION OF THE CAR -Renter expressly prohibits himself from abandoning the vehicle. In the vent of material impossibility, the car shall be repatriated at the renter's expense.
- Article 8 - DOCUMENTS OF THE CAR - immediately on the termination of the hiring and the return of the car, renter shall deliver the licence and all the documents required for its running, failing to do so, the rental charge shall continue to be invoiced until their delivery to Hertz.
- Article 9 - RESPONSIBILITY - Renter remains solely liable for the fines, reports and official statements drawn up against himself.
- Article 10 - JURISDICTION - Any and all disputes which may arise between Hertz and the renter shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court on the location of Papeete.

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